Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Somewhere over a rainbow.

On a recent family trip to Beavers Bend, we took the scenic route through a portion of the Talimena drive (a stretch of road that connects Talihina OK and Mena AR). It was a pretty miserable day by the time we were driving on the Rte. 1 hogsback - grey and drizzly.

As we were getting to the top of the hill, we could see that the sun had managed to break through the clouds on the South side of the hill. The light just just passed over the summit to illuminate the land on the North side, casting a long shadow into the valley.

Through the trees we could see a vibrant band of colors below us. Luckily there was a turn-off just ahead where we could get a better look. The combination of the mist rain and the low angle of the sun shining down into the valley was creating rainbow in the valley beneath us. It was not the typical half-round most commonly associated with unicorns, but long and wide. Just as if the bottom 3/4 of the rainbow was buried in the ground.

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